For more question's and answers about individual product information and usage guidelines, refer to the store page by product, or contact us directly using the contact page.

Frequently asked questions

How do I use my product?

All of our products of have step by step guides on proper, safe, effective usage in their individual product pages. To learn more, simply go to the store, find the product you wish to know more about, and click to find out more.

Are all of these products safe to use in my home?

Yes they are! Each of our products has been tested, both in a laboratory setting, and in our own homes and gardens. Individual product specifications and safety guidelines are provided for your in the products descriptions.

How do I know these products are really organic?

Each of our curated products has been organically certified by the USDA to ensure quality, and allow you to know you aren't recieving some laboratory concoction of chemicals.

What if I have a question that isn't covered in the product page? Or here?

Simply visit our contact page to submit a question via the form provided, or to learn how to contact a professional consultant directly.